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12th July 2014

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The Suicidal Silence

Ishida rescues Nishimiya from suicide, 'A Silent Voice' Chapter 43.

For anyone reading "Koe no Katachi"/A Silent Voice, you may have noticed that the climax of the story may have just happened. It’s an all-telling tale about suicide and why it happens. What Yoshitoki Oima has written shows how the art of communication goes down the drain when a sad issue like this takes center stage.

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Tagged: Koe no KatachiA Silent Voicepsychology of suicidenegativitymanga

8th July 2014

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Is Anime the New Black?

Promo screenshot from Black Butler - Book of Circus anime.

For anyone who’s taken the Anime Research Survey, some of you may have wondered about the characteristics the research team thought about when it came to defining anime/manga fans. One of the following answer choices that many of you may have not thought about was intriguing. It involved our sense of apparel. There was a question about chosen characteristics and one of the choices was "Most of my clothes are dark (black/grey colors)." Are anime/manga fans similar to other subcultures that are associated with dark clothing?

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Tagged: psychology of blackcolor psychologyanime research surveyanime

4th July 2014

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Go Fund Yourself…With Value

Time to take a break from talking about manga characters and discuss something that just made me facepalm.

Every year, there are fans who want to go to anime conventions. They check out photos shared all over the ‘Net and wish they could make it. Some might be given money, while most of us earn and save enough to go. I found an interesting fundraiser on GoFundMe via Facebook from a young mother (name kept secret, but you may know who I’m talking about) trying to go to Otakon 2014. She asked people on the internet to pay her $1,000 to go, because she has no job since school eats up her time and wants to get away from her three kids. While it was thankfully taken down, there were other GoFundMe campaigns that made me go, “Do you know the definition of a fundraiser and how it’s supposed to work?”

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Tagged: psychology of donationanime conventionsfundraising

1st July 2014

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Naruto on How to End Hatred

Kaguya Otsusushi, the source of hatred in Naruto.

You might think that while I love the Rock Lee spinoff, I may have ignored the main story of Naruto. However, Masashi Kishimoto pulled a wacky twist by introducing the “conductor” of the whole series. Enter the goddess, Kaguya Otsusuki, the person behind EVERYTHING. Some argue about her sudden presence so late into the end, but it tells an interesting tale about the origin of hatred.

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Tagged: Kaguya Otsutsukipsychology of hatredNarutomanga

27th June 2014

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Blogging - It Still Matters

There’s something I wanted to get off my chest and it’s about the matter of blogging. Some talk has been made about the state of anime/manga blogs in an age of social media sharing. Forums are also not as popular as they used to be. What got me reeling was this article about why blogging may not be as great as you think it is.

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Tagged: bloggingpsychology of blogginganime bloggingmanga blogging

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