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1st July 2014

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Naruto on How to End Hatred

Kaguya Otsusushi, the source of hatred in Naruto.

You might think that while I love the Rock Lee spinoff, I may have ignored the main story of Naruto. However, Masashi Kishimoto pulled a wacky twist by introducing the “conductor” of the whole series. Enter the goddess, Kaguya Otsusuki, the person behind EVERYTHING. Some argue about her sudden presence so late into the end, but it tells an interesting tale about the origin of hatred.

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Tagged: Kaguya Otsutsukipsychology of hatredNarutomanga

27th June 2014

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Blogging - It Still Matters

There’s something I wanted to get off my chest and it’s about the matter of blogging. Some talk has been made about the state of anime/manga blogs in an age of social media sharing. Forums are also not as popular as they used to be. What got me reeling was this article about why blogging may not be as great as you think it is.

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Tagged: bloggingpsychology of blogginganime bloggingmanga blogging

20th June 2014

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Why Are You All Curious About Incest!?

Watamote joke about incest curiousity.

If there’s anything you can reliably count on from Japan, it’s the promotion of close and sexually-charged family bonds. Over the past few months, one of my most popular articles ever, "Why Is Incest a Popular Theme in Anime and Manga?" got a huge spike in visits. This sounds frightening, doesn’t it? The data that’s about to be shown below highlights why incest intrigue is leading to a case of supposed wincest.

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Tagged: incest in Japanpsychology of curiosityessentialismmangaanime

17th June 2014

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Springtime Parodies Should Be Eternal

Masashi Kishimoto art of Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth.

"This is a damn shame. The manga is bloody hilarious and deserves a lot more attention. I can only expect that the remaining chapters will be adapted, since they’ve already done an anime based on some of the chapters already. This was providing better content then what the main Naruto manga was providing…I’m dead serious.” - A user on the ending of Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth (the manga source of Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals)

Once every so often, there comes a series that captivates fans everywhere. That series becomes so popular that it spawns multiple fan parodies. Sometimes, the official parties behind the series decides to start its own parody. Even rarer is when a parody develops notoriety to gain a place alongside the source material.

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Tagged: Rock Lee's Springtime of Youthpsychology of parodyNarutopsychology of youthmangaanime

13th June 2014

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Grey Is…Messy, Lovable, and Cool

Black and White from 'Grey Is...'.

"When you start secretly preferring a depressed person over a happy one just so you can have a purpose to stay, you realize how wrong is the place you’re standing in."

In life, people want everything to be black and white. There should be a right and a wrong. A yes and a no. Nothing should be complicated. If only life were that simple. A OEL webcomic manga from an artist living in the Middle East touches on the ambiguity of life with "Grey is…" Using her fascination with psychology, dee Juusan shows that being complicated is something that makes us alive.

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Tagged: Grey Is...mangaOEL mangapsychologypsychology of colorpsychology of friendshipdee Juusan

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