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4th September 2010

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Something Fun: Which Female Celeb Should Takashi Murakami Target Next?


Oh Takashi Murakami, you are obviously one of the most unique Japanese artists out there. Your crazy new exhibit has caused headaches all over France. You sold a statue of a naked boy using semen as a rope for $15 million. Hell, Kirsten Dunst and Britney Spears even bowed down to your wackiness. He’s even going to have his designs displayed at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC.

What’s next for our favorite, abstract, between-the-lines art pariah? Here are some famous celebrity women that I suggest Murakami should work with and some notable Japanese character types they should do for him.

Snooki (from Jersey Shore) as a Gyaru (I think this is obvious. I don’t need to explain. Google or YouTube “Snooki Jersey Shore” if you have to.)

Paris Hilton as a Tsundere (She could be like Nagi (minus the otakuness) from Hayate no Gotoku!)

Lindsay Lohan as a Yandere (Nice at first. Once you get her all drugged up and/or drunk, she can totally pull it off.)

Ellen Page as a Hikikomori (I can totally imagine her acting introverted and being passionate over anime/manga goods. She was awesome in JUNO and Inception.)

Lady Gaga as a Yakuza (hell, she’s TIME Magazine’s Most Influential Person, so why not do something that has political influence over Japan)

Anne Hathaway as a Dojikko (She has the look & personality of being the adorable, clumsy girl next door.)

Natalie Portman as a Yankii/Bosozoku (Watching the “Natalie’s Rap” SNL Digital Short got me to choose this look for her)

Rose McGowan as a Gothic Lolita (She once dated Marilyn Manson!!!! And she was in Charmed. Need I say more?)

Let the debate begin!!!!!! Share your thoughts! Let me know who you think should should collaborate with Murakami and what you want them to be!


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