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24th December 2011

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Happy Holidays Y’All With A Side of Balmung Fezalion And Isaac Schneider

Katsura Kotaro and Elizabeth waiting for their Christmas moment to shine in Gintama..

This is actually how I spend my Christmas every year. I sit outside with a weird creature and dote about when I’ll get my spotlight.

I want to wish all my readers a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. If you read many manga (especially Shonen Jump manga), you will learn that friendship and bonds are important. Spend some time with the ones you love and never take anything for granted. Reflect on the year and think about what you can do to make next year better for you. Just be sure to make reasonable goals that you know you can achieve. While there are a lot of external factors beyond anyone’s control that can cause chaos, you have the power to control how you react.

2011 was quite a mixed bag this year for me. I can’t really say that it was either good or bad. All I can tell you is that I’m still learning about many things and realizing that I have to keep evolving in terms of gaining a greater sense of self-confidence.

A few days ago, I met with my boss at my daily job and she mentioned recommending me to be a social media consultant for one of her colleagues. I told her that I don’t know if I can do it since I don’t think I’m that good at social media. She said that I really shouldn’t think like that, because if I don’t take on that challenge, how can I grow mentally and get ahead in my career.

There are times when I don’t know what to write on my blog and I get frightened about what to say. I then tell myself, “You know what? Just write it out and get your brain flowing.” The worst thing you can do to yourself is stagnate.

Regarding manga, I’m starting to enjoy more seinen manga than shonen manga. I love series like GANTZ, Vagabond, ZETMAN, Liar Game, 20th Century Boys, Arakawa Under The Bridge, Chi’s Sweet Home, Twin Spica, I Am A Hero, Moonlight Mile, Eden: It’s An Endless World!, Billy Bat, Jormungand, House of Five Leaves, Blade of the Immortal, and Sprite. While I still enjoy reading shonen series (like Gintama and Blue Exorcist), the complexity of seinen just lures me in or it could just be the graphic violence/sex (*COUGHGANTZCOUGH*). Do I have high hopes for more seinen manga published here in North America? Of course. 

So yeah, enjoy the holidays and have a good time! Go under the mistletoe, drink some eggnog, give gifts, andshare embarrassing stories about your friends and family to everyonehave civilized conversation with everyone.

Finally, for the Gintama fans, since the title of this entry mentions two of the most frightening characters in the series, here’s an Android game that just came out in Japan recently featuring those two.

Gintama's "Record of Light And Dark: Fakinaway" mobile game.

Apparently, there’s now a mobile game version of Kagura’s story from episode 222 of the anime, "Record of Light and Dark: Fakinaway". Don’t you just love how they spelled the title in Final Fantasy lettering?

If anyone pisses you off this holiday season, shout out ‘Hell’s Fakinaway!’ and orchestrate the Catastrophe of Sephiroth on them. 


Special thanks to Bobbie for the Fakinaway screenshot. 


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