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8th October 2012

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Japan/NYC Love! The Journey to New York Comic-Con 2012 Begins!

Official press logo for the 2012 New York Comic-Con.

It’s that crazy time of the year once again as the East Coast’s biggest pop culture convention, New York Comic-Con, returns to entertain various fandoms over the span of 4 days (October 11-14, 2012).

Earlier this year, NYCC announced that it would shut down New York Anime Festival and incorporate it into NYCC. Despite there being a shortage of anime-related content (especially fan panels), it hasn’t stopped NYCC from bringing over some very notable guests from Japan. Here are the big Japanese names that will be coming to New York.

Danny Choo at Anime Expo.

Danny Choo (The world’s most successful otaku. What more do I need to say?)

The lovely, vibrant, and talented Yu Asakawa.

Yu Asakawa (voice actress for Luka Megurine of VOCALOID and a large number of other notable anime roles. She’s also the co-host of Otaku Verse Zero with Patrick Macias, editor of Otaku USA)

The legendary artist of Final Fantasy, Yoshitaka Amano.

Yoshitaka Amano (artist for the Final Fantasy series)

Moyoco Anno, one of today's great mangaka.

Moyoco Anno (author of Sakuran, Hataraki Man, Sugar Sugar Rune. A very influential mangaka and she’s married to Hideaki Anno. YES, THE HIDEAKI ANNO WHO MADE EVANGELION.)

Masakazu Katsura and his "Tiger & Bunny" character artwork.

Masakazu Katsura (author of Video Girl Ai, I”S, Shadow Lady, DNA², ZETMAN, character designer for Tiger & Bunny)

Masakazu Ishiguro's hit-manga "Soremachi".

Masakazu Ishiguro (author of SoreMachi “And Yet The Town Moves!” Oh, his editor, Masahiro Ohno of Young King OURS, is coming with him too.)

Who said NYAF was dead? Then again, there’s more to Japanese pop culture than just anime. I will be attending NYCC and seeing most of the guests I’ve stated above.

Stay tuned for pictures of the guests, cosplayers, and a review of NYCC next week! You don’t want to miss it!


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