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20th November 2012

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Moving on Up - GoBoiano, Here We Come!

Just a heads up to everyone, I am now a writer for GoBoiano, an anime social platform site that’s focused on helping to promote anime culture all over the world. Be sure to check them out as they have daily news blurbs on Asian culture and have plans for interesting, original content!

I just posted my first article on the site called, "Move Over, Onigiri! Is Toast the Superfood of Anime/Manga?" 

Yui Hirasawa of "K-ON!" running out with toast in her mouth.

Don’t worry, entries will still be up on Manga Therapy. Can’t forget about those who have made the journey fun.  Let’s keep riding the waves together, shall we?


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  1. thebananafish707 said: Reminds me of a macro I saw on /a/ connecting the quality of anime to how much the MC enjoys toast/is late to school.
  2. mangatherapy posted this
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