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7th June 2013

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"Paradise Kiss" Quotes to Take You to Paradise - Part II

Artwork from Ai Yazawa's 'Paradise Kiss'

And we’re back with more tickets to paradise! Picking off from where left off in Part I, here’s more quotes from Ai Yazawa’s amazing "Paradise Kiss" series, this time from Volume 2 of Vertical Inc’s re-release, that will get you thinking!

"It’s a woman’s happiness to toss everything aside and live for love." - Isabella (Stage 17)

Sometimes I wonder if it is the media’s fault for pushing this idea so much.


"If I had something that was above and beyond other people, my life would be so different." - Yukari (Stage 19)

People who are pessimistic tend to think this way. They often don’t realize that deep down, they probably do have something that makes them unique.


“‘Someone like me.’ That kind of thinking gets you nowhere fast. For a job, there is no novice or pro.”

"Then stop being so self-depreciating. That sort of modesty is really very rude. It’s like you’re saying Mikako just randomly chose ‘someone like you’ and has no professional discernment." - George to Yukari (Stage 19)

Too much pity on yourself really throws people off.  Learn to love yourself before others. You’re probably awesome in certain ways and you know it. It can be an interesting skill or a unique physical feature, as Yukari discovers when it came to her long limbs.


"It’s my own honor that depends on me. I’ve chosen to walk my own path in a life that’s nobody else’s." - Yukari (Stage 20)

Life is what you make of it. Even if you hear so many opinions from others, you still are the only one who has to light the spark in yourself.


"What was I striving for? Who was I living for? I wanted a place where someone would recognize the value of my existence." - Yukari (Stage 21)

Makes you think about the good side of fandom and how important it is for so many people in it.


I got lucky and got one modeling gig, but there’s no guarantee of another. So I haven’t taken one step forward, after all. I’m just running away from an unpleasant reality.” - Yukari (Stage 25)

You have to get out there and make your own luck.


"Whatever happens next is up to you, but people who work hard don’t get punished." - Mikako to Yukari (Stage 25)

As long as you enjoy your work and show enthusiasm, things will happen.


"I already know the right answer. My future hinges on it. I can’t get swept up in this momentary pleasure. But I feel uneasy if we’re not entwined together. We don’t have any other way to connect." - Yukari (Stage 27)

Loving relationships don’t last if they’re always physical or emotional.


"But just choosing all the right answers in life won’t guarantee you’ll be happy." - Yukari (Stage 27)

Makes you wonder how many questions we’ll have to keep asking as we go on in life.


"Why are you acting so weirdly stubborn? No one has 100% confidence in his or her own will. Everyone hesitates or worries, influenced by the people around them. It’s especially true of someone you’re in love with. It’s natural." - HIroyuki to Yukari (Stage 28)

As long as you don’t restrain yourself to an extreme, use those worries to figure out what’s wrong and ask “What can I learn from this to make me better?”


"To have your very existence continually denied by your parents is so very painful." - Yukari (Stage 28)

I don’t understand why certain parents in today’s world do this. Why even have one in the first place? Even worse is when they magically come back if the child becomes successful.


"Miwako: Why is it a bad thing to be a perfectionist?"

"Isabella: Well…when it comes to doing business, you have to make a lot of clothing, which means hiring a lot of people. You need a lot of people to buy your clothes, so if you cling too much to your principles, it won’t go smoothly." (Stage 32)

What’s interesting about this is it all depends on timing and trends. Perhaps the biggest lesson is just keep pace with the world around you and act accordingly.


"Tests are like games. But nothing else goes the way I want it to." - Hiroyuki (Stage 32)

This is why education has to level up in certain areas of the world. What ever happened to teaching critical thinking?


"Having a strong will and being obstinate aren’t the same." - Hiroyuki to Yukari (Stage 32)

Keep fighting for what you believe in, but be humble enough to make changes to help those around you.

Final part is coming with quotes from Volume 3! Time to come down to paradise city and a place you can call home.


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