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6th July 2010

Text with 9 notes

Death Note’s Cultural Impact

Death Note artwork.


For some reason, I finally found out that the popular psychological series, Death Note, was almost banned in Albuquerque, New Mexico because some kids were found possessing “Death Note” books this past May. The funny thing was that this wasn’t the first case of “Death Note” fever, but there were multiple cases where many school students across the U.S. got disciplined for possessing a “Death Note”. Even someone put Justin Bieber’s name on a Death Note! It seriously makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with people these days.

This isn’t the first major Death Note-related incident to happen. Back in 2007, the series was practically banned in China because it was “poisonous” to all Chinese young people everywhere. There was also an incident in Belgium where someone was murdered in a gruesome fashion. There were notes around the victim that stated “I was Kira”, in reference to Death Note. The “Manga Murder” (termed by the Belgian press) was recently solved.

Back to the situation in Albuquerque, one parent stated the reason for a Death Note ban was because:

"Killing is just not something we should put out there for our kids to read in this way."

What about the Bible? DO YOU REALIZE HOW VIOLENT THAT BOOK IS? It’s ok for kids to read something that hints at graphic violence while it’s not ok for kids to read something that isn’t entirely violent at all? What is the PROPER way to read about “killing”?

Also, the Death Note is NOT REAL. Since when does reading a book influence someone to kill somebody? These days, I’m sure a lot of people who kill others don’t do these things from reading books. Reading doesn’t seem to be too popular among young people these days (in America, at least).

The problem is no one pays attention until something serious happens. People just freaking procrastinate until it bites them in the ass. Even something that seems harmless can lead to HUGE repercussions in the future. I also think that conservatives really don’t appreciate dark humor. Even in China, the students in China just wrote names down in their “Death Notes” for fun and even said that “everyone knows it’s not real”. What did China have to worry about? They heavily emphasize education better than most countries. Of course, it’s hard to trust the opinions of children since their cognitive development is growing.

Which leads me to this: you can’t expect children to think for themselves all the time. You can also say that parents don’t think as well. What’s a good solution? Reach out to those parents and children. There should be more of an investment by libraries to help educate everyone. Libraries do make a difference in people’s lives. Also, thinking is different from acting. Just because you think evil thoughts doesn’t NECESSARILY mean that you will carry them out. Some people know better. Don’t punish people for thinking. Instead, just listen to why they’re thinking that way and understand where they’re coming from. Hell, there are a few people I wish suffered, but I’m not going to actually make them suffer because it will hurt people around me & I have more important things to worry about.

I think Death Note is one of the more unique franchises I have seen and the popularity it has amassed is astounding. Of course, I have met some really crazy fans and I believe that some of these fans shouldn’t be watching that series. Any responsible adult should understand that every child will go through phases of confusion & tribulations. Most of us were like that once. Why can’t we use our youth experiences to help define other children’s lives in a balanced way?


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