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12th September 2013

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Everything but the Rain of Bias (BLEACH)

Artwork from the cover of BLEACH Volume 60 ('Everything But the Rain') featuring Masaki Kurosaki.

When you think about all the conflict between different groups/races throughout the ages, what if a small glimmer of hope was revealed to bring them together? But what if that hope possibly meant the extinction of one group? Tite Kubo’s BLEACH examined a brief moment where two members of the prominent races, Shinigami and Quincy, got to know each other in a moment of fate that would define the life of Ichigo Kurosaki forever. "Everything but the Rain" (Volumes 59-60) shows how life can be cruel when heavy rain pours down on you, especially a storm with such force as ingroup bias.

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Tagged: BLEACHTite KuboBLEACH mangamangapsychologypsychology of ingroup biasIsshin KurosakiMasaki KurosakiRyuken Ishidamanga characterEverything but the Rain

5th February 2013

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The Edge of Restraint - The Kenpachi/Unohana Relationship (BLEACH)

Kenpachi Zaraki getting stabbed through the throat by Yachiru Unohana. A victim of his own restraint.

We are usually told to give it our all in most aspects in life, yet what if fear takes over? What if you’re not able to move on? Those thoughts come to mind when it comes to BLEACH’s Kenpachi Zaraki and his recently-revealed history with fellow Soul Society Captain, Retsu Unohana. Their backstory takes a look at the power restraint places on individuals even if they’re not aware of it.

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Tagged: Kenpachi ZarakiRetsu UnohanaYachiru UnohanaBLEACHBLEACH mangamangapsychologymanga psychologymanga characterpsychology of restraintholding back in fearTite KuboShonen Jumprestraintpsychology of competition

10th February 2012

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Tite Kubo - The Best Poet in Manga? The Poetry of BLEACH

BLEACH "Souls" Official Character Book cover.

With much of the hoopla surrounding the final arc of the BLEACH manga, I want to take a look at a feature of BLEACH that doesn’t get enough attention: the poems. Every volume of the manga has a poem centered around the character featured on its respective cover. A majority of these poems are very enlightening and one has to wonder about Kubo’s intentions in inserting them into the manga. 

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Tagged: BLEACHBLEACH mangaBLEACH poemsShonen JumpTite Kubocharacter psychologymanga charactermanga psychologymanga volumespsychology of poetrymangapoetry

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