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19th October 2012

Link reblogged from The Shin-Diagonal with 7 notes

The Diagonal: Interning at Vertical for New York Comic Con →


On Interning: At NYCC

I already offered my thoughts on New York Comic Con from the attendee’s perspective, so here is the aforementioned and previously hinted at, (for all three of you regular readers) blog post about interning for Vertical at NYCC. There’s a fair amount to say about it, so I…

Photo of Vertical, Inc. interns with a Black Jack cosplayer at New York Comic-Con 2012.

Source: Vertical, Inc. Tumblr

A pretty good read for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to work in the U.S. manga publishing industry. Much props to Chris as I know him personally and it’s good to see him do well.


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