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19th February 2013

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Sad, So Sad - The Power of Sorrow (Gintama)

The two men most affected by sorrow in all of Gintama, Gintoki Sakata and Shinsuke Takasugi.

"One was trying to protect Shoyo’s legacy. The other was trying to destroy Shoyo’s legacy. But they had one thing in common. They both had such sorrow in their eyes."

Another emotional roller coaster in Gintama was recently built to bring us through more loops and turns in the form of the "Ikkoku Keisei" (Courtesan of a Nation) arc. What started off as a simple love story became a tense emotional look at the pasts of two men walking opposite paths, Gintoki Sakata and Shinsuke Takasugi. How much sorrow is enough to drive one to keep on living?

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