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10th September 2013

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What!? Anime Isn’t Popular!?

Berserk's Guts in a fit of rage.

Last week, I wrote a pretty ranty piece about the promotion of anime and manga outside of Japan. Get ready to enjoy or cry.

I think it’s best that we just continue to promote them in our own way and make small yet meaningful impacts. Free! fandom, "Attack on Titan" fandom, even if Japan may not be aware of your efforts, you have people’s hearts by creating communities for the better.

Anything is better than zero. 


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18th July 2013

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Life’s Absurd When You’re a Young Adult - Anime Bancho’s “Turning Girls”

The cast of Anime Bancho's 'Turning Girls.'

When you’re growing up, there always comes a time where you think to yourself “What the hell am I doing with my life?” When you reach that turning point, what do you do? Maybe you should just go “Ahhh, whatever!” like the 4 young women pictured above have. 

The wacky anime video channel, Anime Bancho, started an ongoing series chronicling the lives of 4 young women dealing with life in their late ’20s called "Turning Girls". It is a series that pokes fun at notable tropes that are found in Japanese pop culture. From moe to BL to visual-kei, “Turning Girls” looks to remind us how hard it can be to find a balance between being youthful and being a mature adult. Oh, and if you’re a fan of Little Witch Academia, the writer of it is behind this as well.

Want to see how funny this series is? Check out Episode 5 where it features 28-year-old “idol”, Kaeru, and her attempt to live-stream an episode about her daily life….while still living at home with her parents. (Click on CC for English subtitles while the video is played)

Doesn’t this make you humorously wonder about your own life? “Turning Girls” makes you think about what the thought process of an adult is now compared to back then, given the amount of entertainment available to us today. 

It’s really hard to be a young adult these days, isn’t it? 

"Turning Girls" is highly recommended. If anything, watch it for the fujoshi power! 

Also, watch more of Anime Bancho’s material. They really are the “slice of life.”


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26th June 2013

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Therapy Sessions at Anime Expo

Official logo for Anime Expo.

Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone that I will be traveling to Los Angeles, CA to attend Anime Expo 2013. This will be my first Anime Expo. It might actually be a nice experience for once since the death of New York Anime Festival in my area.

There will be tons of things to do and see, so I’m a little nervous. I’ll be working with GoBoiano to provide tons of anime coverage for everyone. So follow their Twitter if you want to see what I’m up to.

I’ll basically be running around all over the convention center and freaking out over how big the crowds will be. 

There will be manga panels from the big publishers that I hope to attend. They are:

July 4: Shonen Jump: Creating the World’s Most Popular Manga

July 4: Vertical Manga 2013

July 4: Digital Manga Inc. Presents: Manga Without Borders

July 6: Kodansha Comics

July 7: VIZ Media Panel (They have literally 3 freaking panels at AX. This one has to be the most manga-related.)

Of course, there’s other popular and quirky panels I will be attending like George Wada (producer of the Attack on Titan anime), K (Behind the Scenes & Q&A), SUNRISE, Kazuhiko Inoue, “Writing about Anime: Anime Journalism & the Web”, “Starting Up Your Own Anime Business” and hopefully a couple of academic panels

If anyone has any survival tips for Los Angeles, do tell. All I have is this food truck recommendation list from one of my favorite anibloggers.

Ticket to LA? $400+

Hotel? Free of charge.

Other costs? Probably a lot.

Getting a glimpse of some of the greatest minds in Japanese pop culture and seeing what makes them tick? Priceless.

About that Attack on Titan infographic I wanted to make before AX, it’s going to be done right when the anime series ends this Fall. I have to learn a few new things that may take some time.

I will post an entry when I’m there with a few photos! So stick around if you want to see some California love!


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31st May 2013

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A Night of Osamu Tezuka - A Celebration of Manga at Lacoste

Osamu Tezuka promotional banner for the Osamu Tezuka line collection at Lacoste.

The world of Japanese anime/manga culture spread its vibrant aura over NYC as famous clothing brand Lacoste held a party to celebrate its Osamu Tezuka line. What was even better was that Lacoste managed to get Anime Diet to do a panel on the history of anime and manga and how it has emerged to be a worldwide juggernaut.

The party also had a live DJ, catering and some artwork displayed and drawn by NYC-based manga artist, Hiroki Otsuka. Anime Diet’s panel went into a lot of detail about the history of Osamu Tezuka, anime, manga, conventions, cosplay and even pop fashion as well. They brought out a good point in saying if it weren’t for Tezuka, Japanese pop culture probably wouldn’t exist.

While there are criticisms against Tezuka, the fact of the matter is that our precious seiyuus/waifus/doujins/fanservice are his “great-great-great-grandchildren”. He did say comics was his wife and animation his mistress. Who knew tomfoolery could impact the world greatly? Then again, being surrounded by chaos can unlock creativity

Enjoy the photos! And much thanks to Anime Diet for schooling folks with Anime/Manga 101!


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28th May 2013

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Counterattack! Announcing the “Attack on Titan” Infographic

Color page artwork for Hajime Isayama's 'Attack on Titan.'

During the biggest anime convention weekend of 2013 in North America, I received word from one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, “Ain’t It Cool News” and Crunchyroll News’ own Scott Green, about a certain tidbit during Kodansha Comics' panel at Anime Boston 2013 when they spoke about Hajime Isayama’s “Attack on Titan”

This is the 2nd time Kodansha has quoted me on their slides as they did the same back at New York Comic-Con 2011. I feel like it’s time I do something special not just for Kodansha, but for anime/manga fans everywhere in the form of an infographic on the popularity of “Attack on Titan”.

An infographic is basically a visual image of information (data, statistics, etc.) displayed with text and pictures. It is often used as a cool way to present information. Readers tend to love them because it’s easier to process data through infographics than just reading walls of text. Here’s an infographic about One Piece. (Full image can be viewed through the picture below.)

One Piece infographic found on Flutterscape.

Expect something like this, but with some ugly Titans and human soldiers in sexy uniforms. The series has become a nationwide phenomenon in Japan and all volumes have been selling out over there. Don’t forget about the crazy humor generated by fans!

I hope to have this done by Anime Expo in early July. If you want to provide any interesting pictures, quotes about the series, statistics, or even advice, I would gladly appreciate it!

I know this is a bit of a huge undertaking, but this is something I want to do for the community and show Japan how much overseas fans are inspired by their anime/manga series. Plus, it’s fun. Everyone needs fun and hard-work fun is amazingly rewarding.

With that said, time to get that computer Maneuver Gear ready. Graphic information warfare, GO!

(Also, please follow Scott Green. He posts A LOT of fun anime and manga pictures/information on his Twitter account, @AICNAnime!)


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