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20th December 2012

Text with 23 notes

"You’re Not a Burden!" - A Lesson from Pandora Hearts

Elliott Nightray confronts Oz Vessalius in Pandora Hearts about his "suicidal" behavior.

"All your ‘self sacrifice’ only pleases yourself! Have you ever saved anyone that way? All you want is to protect yourself! People who think so lightly of their own lives, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT ANYONE!" - Elliot Nightray to Oz Vessalius

Just got into Jun Mochizuki’s Pandora Hearts recently and came across an intense moment in Volume 6, Chapter 26 (Episode 18 in the anime) that greatly reflected my mindset when it comes to not worrying about myself. 

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Tagged: Jun MochizukiMonthly GFantasyPandora Heartspsychology of emotional burdenmangamanga psychologymanga characterOz VessaliusElliot NightrayPandora Hearts psychologypsychologypsychology of suicide

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