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25th December 2012

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A Blast of Christmas Tempest

Want some pretty and complex characters this season? Here’s the fabulous cast of "Blast of (Zetsuen no) Tempest" to test your logic this Christmas. 

"Zetsuen no (Blast of) Tempest" Christmas greeting art featuring Yoshino Takigawa, Aika Fuwa, and Mahiro Fuwa.

"Zetsuen no (Blast of) Tempest" Christmas greeting art featuring Samon Kusaribe, Natsumura Kusaribe, Junichiro Hoshimura, Mahiro Fuwa, and Yoshino Takigawa.

Be back next week! Until then, check out the lovely conflicts between Yoshino, Aika, Mahiro, and the Kusaribe Clan on Crunchyroll! 


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