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14th December 2012

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Asians Struggle, Too - Fred Chao’s “Johnny Hiro”

Graphic novel cover to Fred Chao's "Johnny Hiro"

"Oh Hiro. You save me and real estate market."

For those who love manga and are interested in the world of graphic novels, here’s a special comic with a lot of Asian influence that’ll get your attention. Fred Chao’s "Johnny Hiro" chronicles the life of a young Japanese man named…well, Johnny as he tries to make ends meet in New York while experiencing wacky mishaps along the way. It’s also a quirky look at what makes New York one of the most mentally intense places to live in the world while providing commentary on Asians living in America.

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Tagged: Asians Struggle TooFred ChaoJohnny HiroMayumi MurakamiNew York CityToshi Yamagatocultural psychologygraphic novelsmangapsychologypsychology of Asian Americanspsychology of New Yorkindepedent comics

5th May 2012

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Otaku Culture Taking Over Mother Nature - Sakura Matsuri BBG 2012 Report

Cosplay Fashion participants at Sakura Matsuri 2012 at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

This past weekend, I got a chance to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for its annual Sakura Matsuri.

All I can say is that the Sakura Matsuri was really filled with cosplayers (the number has been growing over the years) and there were some interesting events catered to them and other otaku.

As you can see, there was a Cosplay Fashion Show which had some REALLY good outfits. One girl had an awesome Monster Hunter outfit. 

Unfortunately, many of the cherry blossoms in New York bloomed early this year because of a huge warm front. I did manage to find a few trees that were still good.

An interesting concern regarding the event is the over-saturation of otaku culture to the point that it overshadows the traditional aspects of Japan.  So far, regular folks are ok with the cosplayers and even taking pictures with them. 

It does make you think about the view of Japanese culture through the eyes of Western anime/manga fans though.

How do you guys feel about the view of Japanese culture west of the land of the rising sun?


Tagged: Brooklyn Botanical GardenJapanese pop cultureSakura Matsuriotaku cultureNew York CityJapanese eventscosplay

22nd October 2011

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Photos from New York Comic-Con 2011

Enjoy the shots I took from New York Comic-Con 2011!


Tagged: New York CityNew York Comic-ConNYCC 2011New York Anime Festivalcosplayanimemangavideo gamespop culture conventionscomic book conventionsanime conventionsphoto sets

17th September 2011

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Sailor Moon Sailor-Bration!

Earlier today, I went to Forbidden Planet NYC to check out the Sailor Moon Sailor-Bration! event. Area was small (if you’ve been to FPNYC like I have, then you would agree) & a decent amount of people came. 6 people entered the cosplay contest. Unfortunately, I missed the panel where the hosts talked about the history of Sailor Moon. They did do some trivia with attendees & gave them prizes. The girls from the (possibly upcoming) American live-action Sailor Moon movie were there too.

Overall, it was a pretty average event. Here are some photos that I took. 

Oh yeah, Sailor Moon Vol. 1 was sold out at Forbidden Planet. There was also only one copy of Codename: Sailor V left. The spirit of the Sailor Scouts is strong within fans to this day.

Who agrees with me that the Sailor Saturn in my photos looked super-awesome? Also, DAT CHIBIUSA LUNCHBOX.


Tagged: Forbidden Planet NYCNaoko TakeuchiNew York CitySailor Mooncosplay eventsSailor Scouts

4th December 2010

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Satoshi Kon & Black Butler Screenings in New York City

Anime fans living the Tri-State area, there’s two upcoming screenings which I should notify you guys about.

The first event will be a 6-episode screening of the hit anime series, Black Butler (aka Kuroshitsuji), at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art on Saturday, December 11. It is hosted by Forbidden Planet NYC, FUNimation, and the Soho Host Club. This event is FREE and there will be a cosplay contest. 

Photo of Satoshi Kon.

The second event involves two screenings of the late Satoshi Kon’s works. Two of his masterpieces, Perfect Blue & Paprika, will be shown at Lincoln Center on Wednesday, December 22. Perfect Blue will be shown at 6:30pm, while Paprika will be shown on 8:15pm. Ticket prices haven’t been announced, but will be up shortly.

Happy anime viewing this holiday season!


Tagged: animescreeningsNew York Citysatoshi konperfect bluepaprikakuroshitsujiblack butlerevents

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