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18th October 2013

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New York Comic-Con 2013 - Titans, Titans Everywhere

Attack on Titan cosplay group at New York Comic-Con 2013.

This picture pretty much sums up the majority of the anime/manga presence at this year’s New York Comic-Con. It looks like we have ourselves the gateway anime/manga title for this decade. Even though anime is mostly cast aside at NYCC, you can’t stop fandom from making something out of nothing.

Enjoy all the lovely photos I’ve taken at the convention.

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15th October 2013

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It’s Not My Fault That Titans Are Popular!

Kodansha Comics booth at New York Comic-Con 2013.

If you were told that you played a role in the success of something, how would you react? While attending New York Comic-Con 2013, I decided to stop by the Kodansha Comics booth to check out what was happening there. I got to speak with two of its key staff members, Ben Applegate and Dallas Middaugh, about the success of Attack on Titan in the U.S. What really shocked me was how Dallas said that Titan’s manga success was because of me. 

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9th October 2013

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New York Comic-Con Once Again

Evangelion 3.33 promotional art.

Arguably the last super major-con of 2013 is here as I will once again be attending New York Comic-Con. There isn’t a whole lot of Japanese-related content as expected, but there are still a few goodies to see

The Japan Foundation panels and the “Masters of Animanga” panel are definitely the highlights of the anime-related panels. Kodansha and FUNimation looks to be fun as there will probably be some Attack on Titan love going on there. The EVA 3.33 English dub premiere screening is going to be big too. NERV children, Titans, and Vocaloids running around New York, what fun!

However, it is quite apparent that looking for a big-time anime convention in New York will be a lost cause. Anyone looking for anime fun in Gotham will have to make due with the other various conventions in the East Coast and beyond. It is sad that the closest thing to an anime convention in metro NY is the Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 

If anything, let’s be happy that anime and manga is still relevant in the West. Being a small niche isn’t so bad.

See you guys next week!


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17th October 2012

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The New York Comic-Con 2012 Retrospect!

New York Comic-Con 2012 during Friday night, October 12, 2012.

Forsooth, as I have returned from the crazy masses of pop culture fans that attended New York Comic-Con this past October 11-14. I can definitely say that it was a blast to be at as I have gotten to see almost all the Japanese guests that attended the event. The spirit of Tokyo was definitely thriving (albeit a small one) in NYCC.

The only problem I have is that the Jacob Javits Center (the building it’s hosted in) is still not the greatest convention center for a pop culture convention. When you have an organization like JManga complaining about the building, you know there are problems. As NYCC continues to grow and become even more like San-Diego Comic-Con, will there be any extra room for more than 116,000+ folks? Compared to San Diego, you have to travel a bit far to get to the good restaurants/bars around NYC and the Jacob Javits Center is much smaller than the San Diego Convention Center. However, NYCC seems to have more anime/manga-related content than SDCC. 

Another thing I realized after attending NYCC was how much I missed New York Anime Festival. While the likes of Danny Choo, Yu Asakawa, Yoshitaka Amano, Moyoco Anno, Masakazu Ishiguro, and Masakazu Katsura are very notable guests, how can NYCC top Danny Choo? Though we should leave it in the hands of folks like Japan Foundation to bring notable Japanese talent overseas. New York definitely deserves another anime convention as there are notable differences that make Japanese pop culture stand out compared to American pop culture. 

In any case, Japanese pop culture was still alive in the East Coast’s premier pop culture event thanks to the efforts of the Japan Foundation, Vertical Inc., SUNRISE, Viki, Dark Horse Comics, and JManga. すべてのありがとうございました!

Enjoy the photos below!


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