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6th February 2014

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Oh, the (Family) Drama of Ayako!

Ayako by OSamu Tezuka, Vertical Inc. edition.

"All o’ya apologize t’Ayako!! It ain’ possible t’turn back th’ clock…But at least, in regards t’that clan meet…ya can all get on yer knees’n apologize!!"

As a member with a large number of relatives living near me, I have no shortage of running into family drama. The women in my family gossip a lot and talk about each other like mad. These have led to some tense conversations over the years. I get annoyed, but after reading Osamu Tezuka’s Ayako, I realized how lucky I am and how you might be too if you’re part of a big family. It makes you wonder how much family members are willing to hurt each other to protect the things they treasure the most. 

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8th January 2014

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The Holy Path of Manga

Female Buddhist in Japan is inspired by Osamu Tezuka's Buddha.

Some fans may view manga as a higher power, but can manga build one’s faith toward a deity literally? A female Buddhist priest trying to make it big in Japan credited Osamu Tezuka’s "Buddha" as an inspiration to follow religion. For all those anti-manga religious critics that think manga is porn, this will cause some cognitive dissonance.

It’s pretty interesting to hear this as Japan’s stance of religion tends to be wide-open. This is a country that has a best-selling manga about Jesus and Buddha living together in modern-day Japan. You also can’t discount the various religious imagery in many anime/manga series. Yes, religion is a controversial topic to some, but controversy can be eye-opening if it presents ideas and opinions that are well thought-out.

While Tezuka is an amazing storyteller (which helps to attract people like Yuken Kikuchi, the Buddhist priest mentioned), this is another reminder for manga being complex enough to influence lives. However, concerns have risen over the fact that some children in Japan are not able to read manga. Apparently, teenagers prefer to read material like light novels instead. Maybe that’s why they’ve been so popular lately?

Has manga become as complex as the Holy Bible? What do you guys think?

Here’s something that might get you thinking about the mix of ideas - check out this thesis on manga and religion: Religious Manga Culture - The Conflation of Religion and Entertainment in Japan.


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31st May 2013

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A Night of Osamu Tezuka - A Celebration of Manga at Lacoste

Osamu Tezuka promotional banner for the Osamu Tezuka line collection at Lacoste.

The world of Japanese anime/manga culture spread its vibrant aura over NYC as famous clothing brand Lacoste held a party to celebrate its Osamu Tezuka line. What was even better was that Lacoste managed to get Anime Diet to do a panel on the history of anime and manga and how it has emerged to be a worldwide juggernaut.

The party also had a live DJ, catering and some artwork displayed and drawn by NYC-based manga artist, Hiroki Otsuka. Anime Diet’s panel went into a lot of detail about the history of Osamu Tezuka, anime, manga, conventions, cosplay and even pop fashion as well. They brought out a good point in saying if it weren’t for Tezuka, Japanese pop culture probably wouldn’t exist.

While there are criticisms against Tezuka, the fact of the matter is that our precious seiyuus/waifus/doujins/fanservice are his “great-great-great-grandchildren”. He did say comics was his wife and animation his mistress. Who knew tomfoolery could impact the world greatly? Then again, being surrounded by chaos can unlock creativity

Enjoy the photos! And much thanks to Anime Diet for schooling folks with Anime/Manga 101!


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18th December 2012

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Crave Mental Stimulation? The Psychological Manga Gift Guide

Artwork from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Omnibus, published by VIZ Media.

With another holiday season here, it’s often time to take a look at what manga series make good gifts. Though let’s get a bit more specific. What if you want someone to read titles that presents characters plagued by personal issues and the stress of the worlds they reside in? Have I got some ideas for you. Here are some of today’s top awesome English-licensed manga that dives deep into the recesses of the mind.

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9th November 2012

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Can Callousness Become Love? (The Book of Human Insects)

Japanese cover to Osamu Tezuka's "The Book of Human Insects"

"I feel so empty…Why should a woman living life to the fullest on her own feel so empty? Momma, I want…Mr. Mizuno!!"

With how the world is today, we often hear stories about people who make others suffer and/or have no regard for the well-being of their fellow man. The media portrays them as heartless and cruel. But what if underneath their scary exteriors, they secretly have a yearning for a connection that they hope to find? This is extremely prevalent in Osamu Tezuka’s “The Book of Human Insects” with regards to the main lead character, Toshiko Tomura. She is considered to be a very callous individual who constantly manipulates men to achieve fame and glory. However, Tomura has a deep attachment to a former flame, Ryotaro Mizuno. Her confused mindset makes you wonder if extremely apathetic individuals can truly develop feelings of attachment.

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