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27th May 2014

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Mushi-shi - A Metaphor for Mental Illness

Scene from Mushi-shi Season 2.

The following post for Mental Health Month is by Lauren Orsini, the Otaku Journalist. She decides to talk about how a highly underrated and beloved series takes a look at mental illness in a fascinating way. Enjoy!

“Maybe you should toughen up and stop wallowing in bed.”

You wouldn’t say the above sentence to somebody with a broken leg. So why is it acceptable to say to somebody with an equally real disease, depression?

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23rd January 2013

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Let’s Play Anime/Manga Trope Bingo!

The Anime Trope Bingo board, created by Lauren Orsini, the Otaku Journalist!

Here’s a game that’s fun for all fans of Japanese pop culture! These happen in a lot in manga too. Which of these is your favorite/non-favorite trope? Usually there is some interesting history behind these tropes. They happen for a variety of reasons.

Kudos to the Otaku Journalist for this lovely piece of work.


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