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2nd November 2012

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An Interview with Yu Asakawa (New York Comic-Con 2012)

As you may know, I got a chance to talk to the lovely Yu Asakawa for Samurai Beat Radio at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Here’s the interview in full form and in HD too. Special thanks to my boss for subtitle help.

You can follow Yu-san at http://www.twitter.com/Julia320.

Also, here’s another pretty picture of her:

Yu Asakawa at New York Comic-Con 2012!

The rise of the bimajos continues…

(Note: Although I said no new entries this week, this is something that I wanted to put up after some delays and my relatives are safe.)


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9th November 2010

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An interview I conducted with Rika “Angry” Ishikawa, of HANGRY&ANGRY, alongside Megumi Sato of Samurai Beat Radio. This was during New York Anime Festival 2010.

After the interview, I mentioned the song "Iroppoi Onna" to her (she was part of Country Musume) and she sang the line, “~SEXY BABY~”. Funny.



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15th July 2010

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NY JapanTown Festival “Cool Japan”

Hey guys (and fellow New Yorkers), I just want to give a heads-up that I will be co-hosting a podcast show at the NY JapanTown “Cool Japan” Festival at East Village, NYC this Saturday, July 17. I will be working with Samurai Beat Radio to promote a variety of bands, anime goodies, and much more.

New Yorkers, why else should you go? Well, there’s going to be LOTS of food. Japanese comfort food like yakisoba, curry, mochi ice cream, & okonomiyaki will be on display & for sale. There’s also going to be a Fashion Contest, where the winner will receive a FREE round-trip ticket to Japan. Cosplay singer, Reni Mimura, will also be there too to greet fans. She’s New York City’s own “otaku idol”, so to speak. There’s also a scavenger hunt where the winner gets a $50 gift certificate from Kinokuniya Bookstores.

NY JapanTown is also on Facebook and Twitter as well. If you’re around the area and have time, stop on by and say hi. More importantly, just come and see for yourself what a Japanese summer festival is all about. Yukatas ahoy!


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14th June 2010


Meeting Hideo Kojima at UNIQLO Soho

Hey folks, I had the opportunity to meet one of my all-time favorite video game creators, Hideo Kojima, at UNIQLO in New York City. Meeting him in person was one of the most rewarding & exciting experiences in my life.

I covered the event for Samurai Beat Radio, which you can read at: http://blog.samuraibeatradio.com/2010/06/14/hideo-kojima-event-at-uniqlo-soho-report.aspx.

All I can say is that he is very nice and humble from being around him. It was amazing to see 700 fans line up just to see him. I remember getting my first taste of Metal Gear back in 2000 with Metal Gear Solid 1 for the PS1. I found a “Greatest Hits” version of it in Chinatown, so I bought it and decided to see for myself what made the game so great. Ever since then, I was hooked.

What separates Kojima from the rest is that there is no fine line between who’s good and who’s bad in terms of his characters. Take the Boss for example. His take on the military and government is right on-point and he brings up some interesting views on society in general. His games are so psychological to the point where you can even write essays and thesis papers on the themes of his games.

Kojima choosing video games to showcase his views is probably one of the most unique & great decisions to make. A lot of young people love to play video games and Metal Gear Solid provides an educational lesson on the mistakes of others in history. Kids aren’t too focused on books and rather crave something interactive & visual. Kojima combines fun, interactive, visual, and educational all into one awesome package with the Metal Gear series. He’s a great (if not, the best) example of using video games for education. One of my younger cousins wrote about the Cold War based on his experiences playing Metal Gear Solid 3, I kid you not.

So thank you, Hideo Kojima, for your contributions to video gaming and efforts in making video games a form of art. Thank you, Konami, for giving him the opportunity to shine. Also, thank you, the fans, for showing him so much support and playing his games. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Your games have played a great role in how I perceive the world around me.


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