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14th December 2012

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Asians Struggle, Too - Fred Chao’s “Johnny Hiro”

Graphic novel cover to Fred Chao's "Johnny Hiro"

"Oh Hiro. You save me and real estate market."

For those who love manga and are interested in the world of graphic novels, here’s a special comic with a lot of Asian influence that’ll get your attention. Fred Chao’s "Johnny Hiro" chronicles the life of a young Japanese man named…well, Johnny as he tries to make ends meet in New York while experiencing wacky mishaps along the way. It’s also a quirky look at what makes New York one of the most mentally intense places to live in the world while providing commentary on Asians living in America.

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Tagged: Asians Struggle TooFred ChaoJohnny HiroMayumi MurakamiNew York CityToshi Yamagatocultural psychologygraphic novelsmangapsychologypsychology of Asian Americanspsychology of New Yorkindepedent comics

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