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5th April 2014

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The Bechdel Test for Manga and Anime

In a lot of media you see featuring female characters, there usually isn’t a lot of depth to them. Sometimes, they only exist to talk about men and that’s it. While reading about an article about how Hollywood fails the Bechdel test, it got me thinking - how does it apply to the world of anime and manga, which is considered to be the most accepting fandom towards women?

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25th March 2014

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Maybe It’s My Fault A Child Can’t Look Up to Me?

Tomoko and Ki-chan from Watamote Episode 8.

When you’re a kid growing up, I’m sure you’ve all had a younger relative/friend look up to you. He/she will ask a lot of questions about your experience in life. You sometimes may tell outrageous stories to get them amazed. Though how far can you take it if everything’s a big lie? Ask Tomoko Kuroki, star of WataMote, when she tries to impress her younger cousin, Ki-chan. This little episode shows a look at how brutal child psychology can be, but provides a interesting thought about how young children process cues.

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Tagged: WatamoteTomoko KurokiKi-chanpsychology of lyingpsychology of white liesmangaanime

17th March 2014

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An Off-Court Misdirection for the Worst

“Society can rest assured that I won’t do anything stupid again.”

Is it weird to feel sorry for someone who pissed off an entire fanbase?

A while back, I spoke about the guy who terrorized Japan with his hatred of anything related to Kuroko’s Basketball. Hirofumi Watanabe, the criminal, explained his actions to the public in court and had no regrets over what he did. He even said that he would kill himself after his prison sentence. The way he sounded confident in seeking death frightens me and it should frighten everyone.

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Tagged: Kuroko no Basketpsychology of death wisheslifemangaanimeKuroko's Basketball threats

13th March 2014

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Kill la Shock de la Kill


I was planning to write about this series soon, but hey, since it’s become a popular manga, why not now? I’ve been enjoying the craziness that is Kill la Kill and the last few episodes have completely gotten my attention. The main character, Ryuko Matoi, goes through several changes during the whole series. Her brief downfall into madness got me thinking about how overwhelming emotions can be.

This post contains spoilers from late developments in Kill la Kill

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Tagged: Kill la KillRyuko Matoipsychology of emotional shockanimeemotional traumamanga

11th March 2014

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Autism, Fandom, and the Inner World

The possibly autistic Yuki Nagato.

This past week, an interesting question was posed to me about the connection between anime fans and autism. Lauren Orsini, the Otaku Journalist, spoke to me about how anime fans with autism tend to enjoy the medium because of its strong visuals. She asked me if there were any studies involving this. Coincidentally, a couple of days later, one great gem of an article on Disney being used to fight autism appeared and it got me thinking.

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Tagged: psychology of autismanime and autismpsychology of fandomChu2KoiDisneyanime

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