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4th July 2014

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Go Fund Yourself…With Value

Time to take a break from talking about manga characters and discuss something that just made me facepalm.

Every year, there are fans who want to go to anime conventions. They check out photos shared all over the ‘Net and wish they could make it. Some might be given money, while most of us earn and save enough to go. I found an interesting fundraiser on GoFundMe via Facebook from a young mother (name kept secret, but you may know who I’m talking about) trying to go to Otakon 2014. She asked people on the internet to pay her $1,000 to go, because she has no job since school eats up her time and wants to get away from her three kids. While it was thankfully taken down, there were other GoFundMe campaigns that made me go, “Do you know the definition of a fundraiser and how it’s supposed to work?”

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7th August 2013

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Yes, I’m an Otaku - Otakon 2013 Ahoy!

20th anniversary logo for Otakon.

Congratulations on not being a teenager anymore, but not yet old enough to drink and gamble! Then again, that’s what Vegas next year is for, right? :)

Just a heads up that I’ll be attending my first ever Otakon this weekend. I know I missed out on Anime Expo, but that will be on my agenda for next year. 

For anyone going to Otakon, these are the events that I am most likely attending.

Friday, August 9

11:30am-1:00pm - The Real Life of a Manga-ka: Behind The Scenes of Rurouni Kenshin (featuring Kaoru Kurosaki, wife of Nobuhiro Watsuki)

2:00pm-4:30pm - Oreimo Season 2 Final Episodes World Premiere Screening (featuring Tsukasa Fushimi, Hiroyuki Kanbe and Kazuma Miki)

I’ll probably be lounging around afterwards and going with the flow on Friday. If you want to find me on Friday, this is what I will be carrying:

Sign parodying Attack on Titan and Oreimo.

Saturday, August 10

11:00am-2:00pm - Rurouni Kenshin Movie Premiere (with introduction by Kaoru Kurosaki)

3:00pm-7:00pm - Saturday Concert featuring T.M. Revolution and Home Made Kazoku (tentative since I practically have to run out of the convention and rush to a long line at the concert arena like a school girl running with toast in her mouth.)

I’ll be in cosplay on Saturday as Kazuma Mikura from Air Gear.

Fan art of Air Gear's Kazuma Mikura.

Sunday, August 11

12:00pm-3:00pm - Sunday Concert featuring Chiaki Ishikawa and Yoko Kanno

I also am planning to head up to Mount Vernon to try a couple of restaurants on Friday night and Saturday night - an Afghan place called The Helmand and a cafe/restaurant called City Cafe. If anyone is interested in joining me and my roommate, let me know.

I will post up mini-blog updates through my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ whenever I can. I’ll be sure to take some great photos for you guys!

See you all next week with tales of Titans, samurais, little sisters and Japanese music joining forces to take out crime for one wacky weekend!


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30th June 2013

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Anime Expo Trip Canceled

About what I said about going to Anime Expo last week, it’s not going to happen.

I’m canceling it for reasons that I do not want to get into…and won’t say for quite some time. To anyone going to AX this year, I hope you guys have a lot of fun. 

I’m going to take the time to come up with more blog posts for everyone here. This blog is still for you guys.

Gotta exercise them mental muscles, you know? 


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26th June 2013

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Therapy Sessions at Anime Expo

Official logo for Anime Expo.

Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone that I will be traveling to Los Angeles, CA to attend Anime Expo 2013. This will be my first Anime Expo. It might actually be a nice experience for once since the death of New York Anime Festival in my area.

There will be tons of things to do and see, so I’m a little nervous. I’ll be working with GoBoiano to provide tons of anime coverage for everyone. So follow their Twitter if you want to see what I’m up to.

I’ll basically be running around all over the convention center and freaking out over how big the crowds will be. 

There will be manga panels from the big publishers that I hope to attend. They are:

July 4: Shonen Jump: Creating the World’s Most Popular Manga

July 4: Vertical Manga 2013

July 4: Digital Manga Inc. Presents: Manga Without Borders

July 6: Kodansha Comics

July 7: VIZ Media Panel (They have literally 3 freaking panels at AX. This one has to be the most manga-related.)

Of course, there’s other popular and quirky panels I will be attending like George Wada (producer of the Attack on Titan anime), K (Behind the Scenes & Q&A), SUNRISE, Kazuhiko Inoue, “Writing about Anime: Anime Journalism & the Web”, “Starting Up Your Own Anime Business” and hopefully a couple of academic panels

If anyone has any survival tips for Los Angeles, do tell. All I have is this food truck recommendation list from one of my favorite anibloggers.

Ticket to LA? $400+

Hotel? Free of charge.

Other costs? Probably a lot.

Getting a glimpse of some of the greatest minds in Japanese pop culture and seeing what makes them tick? Priceless.

About that Attack on Titan infographic I wanted to make before AX, it’s going to be done right when the anime series ends this Fall. I have to learn a few new things that may take some time.

I will post an entry when I’m there with a few photos! So stick around if you want to see some California love!


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26th March 2013

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Mountains Do Inspire - The Summit on Anime in North America

Logo for the Summit on Anime in North America, hosted by Nan Desu Kan, Denver's main anime convention.

This past weekend on March 23, 2013 in Denver, Colorado, USA, a huge important gathering of professional folks involved in the anime and manga industries drew a lot of attention despite being held in frigid conditions.

The 1st-ever Summit on Anime in North America was an event done to ask the question that has some people pondering for quite some time: “Why is anime so popular in North America?”

My buddies at Anime Diet got the lowdown on what happened. Take a look and see how far the U.S. has come with the wacky, immersive medium that continues to inspire a wide variety of fans and will do so for years and generations to come.

SANA Morning Session

SANA Afternoon Session

Lots of information to digest and possibly a good sign of things to come. Much thanks to Gendomike for his coverage and the folks of Nan Desu Kan for organizing the summit!


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