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29th April 2014

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The Ambiguously Amazing Hange Zoe

The awesome Hange Zoe of Attack on Titan.

While Attack on Titan continues to become huge and throw multiple curveballs, there is one curveball that will always get a reaction. Earlier this year, there was an article focused on the gender debate of one of the wackier characters in Attack on Titan. Hange Zoe, the resident scientist of the series, has been quite the subject with regards to gender ambiguity. The spinoff comedy manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High, poked fun at Hange as it threw readers off with how to properly address the character. Hange’s development in the scope of all things Titan represents how ambiguity, despite the hate it gets, can be a blessing in disguise.

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21st January 2014

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A-Holes Over Douches

The lovable a-hole, Captain Levi, of Attack on Titan.

While trying to calm myself over the craziness of Chapter 53 of Attack on Titan, I want to point out a statement made by everyone’s favorite character, Levi, that has a lot of meaning. 

After the beginning events of the chapter, the Survey Corps discuss training Eren Jaeger to rebuilt Wall Maria using his Titan form. Hange Zoe talks about the progress they made, which is pretty much none. Eren feels disappointed and Levi expressed his frustration over the situation. Mikasa Ackerman and Hange are telling Levi that Eren did his best and he responds with this.

"Hold on…All I’m doing is being an asshole. I’m not blaming him."

Hearing him say this makes me think back about a book I once skimmed through about the benefits of being an asshole. There was a small paragraph about why you should be one rather than be a douchebag. The author stated that assholes have some traits that are admirable (confidence, etc.), while douchebags have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. 

I know many of us have seen our fair share of both types of people. Assholes, for the most part, do not give a damn about how others feel and say/do things just for the hell of it. They could care less, but they do have empathy. Levi is appreciated by his peers despite appearing unlikable. What makes the Napoleon-like captain a beloved individual to the eyes of those close to him? 

The one thing I noticed about Levi is that he has a grasp of people’s inner feelings despite not understanding them completely at times. His interactions with Mikasa about Eren show this skill. While Mikasa has expressed her dislike of his treatment towards Eren, she sees that he’s doing what he thinks is right for the future of humanity, even if it comes off harsh.

Though if you think about it, sometimes in life, you gotta be an asshole. Nothing comes without some sort of confidence. Nice guys may finish last, but nice guys with no fear of getting what they want are far from the end of the line. Douchebags tend to get freaked out if they aren’t getting attention. You can call the Survey Corps a bunch of eccentric assholes since they aren’t focused on fame and want to bring permanent, meaningful change to society, all while not giving a single crap about what authority says to them. 

Guess this is another reason to fangirl over our Heichou, isn’t it?


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13th November 2013

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The Individualistic Mind of the Female Titan

The Female Titan attacks.

"What I did was wrong…I’m not going to ask you to forgive me after all that’s happened…There’s one thing…just one thing i want to ask of you. I don’t care if you make the entire world your enemy. Even if every other creature alive comes to hate you, your father will always be on your side. So please, promise me that you’ll come back!"

Parenting is a rough job, but are there times where parents stop and think about how their children can be capable of being cruel? Case in point - a young teenage girl who committed tons of bloodshed for a cause personally worth fighting for. Attack on Titan’s second story arc focused on a Female Titan that was determined to kidnap the main character, Eren Jaeger, for the sake of killing mankind. Her story reflects a world where society forces people to be more individualistic and possibly fall into ruin.

HUGE SPOILER ALERT after the jump for fans not familiar with Titan or starting out with the series. 

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9th November 2013

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Simon’s New Drill - Win “Attack on Titan” Volume 1!

Attack on Gurren Lagann.

Looks like the winner of the Attack on Titan Volume 1 giveaway is one that makes reference to an anime/manga series that still hits many fans’ hearts long after its debut. After reading many emails on how Titan and anime/manga series inspired them, I would like to congratulate Anthony Morrison as his message on how Tengen Tappa Gurren Lagann hit home to him.

There were some great entries from fans and it was hard to choose a winner. This was my first giveaway, so I didn’t know what to expect. But as someone who has been through cases of depression, Anthony’s short essay spoke to me and made a good note about an important item in the Lagann universe. With his permission, I present to you what he wrote. This is for the Gurren Lagann fans out there as well. 

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26th October 2013

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The “Attack on Titan” Volume 1 Giveaway!

Attack on Titan Volume 1 cover by Kodansha Comics.

Want a fresh volume of print manga in your hand? Especially one that’s blood-fresh. I’m giving away an English-version copy of “Attack on Titan” Volume 1 to a lucky reader for FREE! At New York Comic-Con 2013, I recently won a prize package from FUNimation that included the first volume of Titan. I already have Volume 1, so why not let someone have a taste of the hottest manga property today?

If you want to win Volume 1, here’s what you need to do. Write a message to me answering ONE of the following questions:

"What moment(s) in Attack on Titan have affected you emotionally and how do you think you can benefit from it/them?"

OR if you haven’t seen the Titan anime and/or currently follow the manga:

"What manga has helped you grow emotionally and how?"

Send your answer in an email with the subject title, "Attack on Titan Volume 1 Giveaway", to tonyyao82 (at) gmail (dot) com. It can be pretty long or short, as long as it’s awe-inspiring. I’m expecting some interesting answers from you guys. 

Entry submission will be open until November 4, 2013. I will email the winner with the best answer personally around that week. 

Attack on Titan Volume 1 back cover, Kodansha Comics edition.

Let the desperate yet insightful, motivational and courageous battle begin!


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