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6th November 2012

Text with 20 notes

His Bankai is “Hindsight Bias” - Learning From Sosuke Aizen’s Downfall (BLEACH)

Cover to BLEACH Volume 48 (VIZ Media edition) featuring Sosuke Aizen.

Ever had a moment where something happens and you reacted by saying “I knew that was going to happen!”? Imagine that you behaved that way for every major event that happens in your life. Scary, right? Try telling (arguably) the biggest victim of hindsight bias, BLEACH’s own Sosuke Aizen, that. Being someone like Aizen doesn’t really bode well for one’s life since something more powerful than Bankai will make its presence felt: stagnation.

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Tagged: BLEACHShonen JumpSosuke AizenTite Kuboanimehindsight biasmangamanga charactermanga psychologypsychologypsychology of hindsight biasIchigo Kurosaki

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