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13th June 2013

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"Paradise Kiss" Quotes to Take You to Paradise - Part III

Yukari 'Caroline' Hayasaka' and Jouji 'George' Koizumi strike a pose in Paradise Kiss.

Read Part I and Part II for more ParaKiss quote goodness!

And here we are, at last, the final road to paradise! Without further ado, here’s a final list of great quotes from Volume 3 of Paradise Kiss. What parting advice do our favorite fashion designers and friends have to say? 

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7th June 2013

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"Paradise Kiss" Quotes to Take You to Paradise - Part II

Artwork from Ai Yazawa's 'Paradise Kiss'

And we’re back with more tickets to paradise! Picking off from where left off in Part I, here’s more quotes from Ai Yazawa’s amazing "Paradise Kiss" series, this time from Volume 2 of Vertical Inc’s re-release, that will get you thinking!

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4th June 2013

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"Paradise Kiss" Quotes to Take You to Paradise - Part I

Yukari 'Caroline' Hayasaka and Jouji 'George' Koizumi from Ai Yazawa's coming-of-age story, 'Paradise Kiss'.

If there’s one classic series that that defined youth and coming-of-age, it’s none other than Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss. From the creator of NANA came a series that was not only romantic, stylish, comedic and witty, but it was one that really hit home for many teenagers wondering where their lives will be headed after their school lives end.

The adventures of Yukari “Caroline” Hayasaka and her friends had some inspirational quotes that will take one to their intended paradise. Here’s a collection of quotes that really stand out from Volume 1 of Vertical Inc.’s 2012 re-release of ParaKiss

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12th December 2012

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Sakuran - Is It Our Nature to Deceive?

Volume cover to Moyoco Anno's "Sakuran"

"Castle-topplers whisper idle nothings to entrap their guests. Yet they become ensnared by their own traps."

With how the world is today, people often tend to deceive themselves to make sense of it. Reality is harsh after all. Especially if you grew up in a unsuitable environment for a child, as in the case of one young girl in Moyoco Anno’s Sakuran. The title takes a look at the lives of courtesans living in one of the craziest sex districts in history, Yoshiwara, Edo, Japan. You get to learn about the women being forced to work there and how they are groomed to lie to get ahead. At the same time, those women are prone to being lied to as certain men proclaim that they love them. It makes you wonder whether it is human nature to be full of deception.

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4th December 2012

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Calling All Readers - What Makes a Conscious “Manga Diet”?

A wide variety of manga protagonists from Shonen Jump.

With all the manga titles available out in Japan and the world, one wonders how much manga do we consume that’s not really “outstanding”. While titles like Naruto, BLEACH, and One Piece rule the world, readers can get bored with them from time to time. It’s either that or all they know are the mainstream manga titles. Over-consumption of certain manga titles/genres can be pretty dangerous to a reader’s mind as it can create strong biases. 

A book called "The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption" discussed an “information obesity” epidemic that’s happening with people in America. There’s too much information out there and people let themselves consume a lot without ill regard. Not many people are able to filter out the distractions the age of the Internet provides.

So, I want to ask you readers what makes a good “manga diet” in your minds. Send me some of your lists/suggestions/ideas and I will post them up here for everyone to see! What manga titles should make the “fruits and vegetables” portion that people need to consume more of? What titles should be our “sugary” guilty pleasures? How much of the “meaty” shonen battle manga can one be allowed to read? Are there “whole grain” titles that naturally get you pumping?

Feel free to send your suggestions to tonyyao82 (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject title, "MANGA DIET". You can also comment below!

Looking forward to see a variety of diet plans filled with thoughtful stories, great characterization, and riveting protagonist/antagonist conflicts! 


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