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17th April 2014

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Nanako Saeki - First Love of Evil

Nanako Saeki on Flowers of Evil Volume 5.

"I’ve given up. I quit…everything."

When you’re in high school, things are often taken at face value. If you can build that value, you’re on your way to having a successful life. Of course, deep down, teenagers may resent what they have to do to get ahead. The Flowers of Evil’s Nanako Saeki, was a popular girl in school who managed to get the target of affection of the timid Takao Kasuga. The two went out at some point. However,because of the presence of Sawa Nakamura, Saeki becomes warped as she becomes jealous of the Nakamura/Kasuga relationship. While drama involving teenage love happens, this dilemma becomes demented out of confusion. What price has evil wrought?

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11th April 2014

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Prison School - A Thought-Provoking Surprise

Meiko Shiraki from Prison School.

When there’s a chapter that’s titled “Lots of Bodily Fluids”, you would probably go “Great. Fanservice again!”  But this series involves more than just swapping them and sweating them out. Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School is a comedy series that shows a good amount of emotional depth beneath its absurd display of sexual situations.

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Tagged: Prison SchoolKangoku Gakuenmangapsychology of prisonpsychology of sexuality

9th April 2014

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Is Manga a Guilt Trip?

As much as I enjoy manga and the many stories that have come out of it, there are things that bother me about the industry. Some of you may know about the horror stories surrounding Eiichiro Oda’s work schedule. An interesting blog post by a mangaka went in a direction that got me thinking - can you feel guilty about making and enjoying manga?

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Tagged: mangapsychologypsychology of guiltpsychology of entertainment

5th April 2014

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The Bechdel Test for Manga and Anime

In a lot of media you see featuring female characters, there usually isn’t a lot of depth to them. Sometimes, they only exist to talk about men and that’s it. While reading about an article about how Hollywood fails the Bechdel test, it got me thinking - how does it apply to the world of anime and manga, which is considered to be the most accepting fandom towards women?

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Tagged: Bechdel Testanimemangapsychology of Bechdel test

25th March 2014

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Maybe It’s My Fault A Child Can’t Look Up to Me?

Tomoko and Ki-chan from Watamote Episode 8.

When you’re a kid growing up, I’m sure you’ve all had a younger relative/friend look up to you. He/she will ask a lot of questions about your experience in life. You sometimes may tell outrageous stories to get them amazed. Though how far can you take it if everything’s a big lie? Ask Tomoko Kuroki, star of WataMote, when she tries to impress her younger cousin, Ki-chan. This little episode shows a look at how brutal child psychology can be, but provides a interesting thought about how young children process cues.

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Tagged: WatamoteTomoko KurokiKi-chanpsychology of lyingpsychology of white liesmangaanime

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