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30th September 2014

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The Very Seinen Tale of Access

One of the things that gets me hyped when it comes to manga is its ability to reach the younger generation and a diverse group of readers across the world (especially women). Compared to a majority of Western comics, there’s something about manga that drives their attention. A while ago, I read an interview with a manga fan who lived in the United Arab Emirates. She talked about living near a Kinokuniya Bookstore in Dubai, which may reflect the growing diversity of the city. It makes me think about the biggest problem manga outside of Japan has – access that makes BOTH consumers and publishers happy. 

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5th April 2013

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I Like It Hard - Why I Still Love Manga in Print


"Why yes, I love the smell of freshly printed manga in the morning."

While buying the latest English volumes of Blue Exorcist and Attack on Titan recently, some thoughts resurfaced on why I still prefer print manga. With JManga biting the dust, people are wondering about the future of manga digitally. To tell you the truth, print is still the primary focus for the manga market overall and a preference that I still love for reasons I’m about to get into below.

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19th March 2013

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"Tell Me Whyyyy!" - The Most Important Aspect When Drawing Manga

Yuusei Matsui's Assassination Classroom on the 15th edition of Weekly Shonen Jump 2013. A new manga that is successful in telling why we should care about it.

To all you folks who want to draw manga, I found an interesting post on a MangaHelpers sub-forum on Weekly Shonen Jump about how new manga should try to appeal to readers. There’s one snippet I would like to highlight and it’s this:

"I guess the main question a mangaka needs to ask themselves in order to write a successful manga is ‘Why?’. Why should we care about your manga? Why should we bother to read it beyond the first chapter? And with such a selective magazine (Weekly Shonen Jump), the mangaka better have that question answered before chapter 1 gets published. I think that’s what separates the exceptional mangaka, like (Yuusei) Matsui and (Eiichiro) Oda, from the mediocre. I guess it’s also what defines the expression ‘doing your homework’."

Asking “why” is the basis for life itself. I mean, we all have reasons to do and believe certain things. Give readers reasons to appreciate what you want to tell them.

Which leads to another lesson regarding the importance of asking “why”: never stop learning. There’s always something deeper beneath the surface.

You can read the rest of the post as it is pretty in-depth. Makes you think about when the next worldwide smash hit manga will come.


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14th March 2013

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Can I Haz Legal Mangaz Wit Mah Internetz? - What’s Next After JManga

Early promotional artwork for the now-defunct JManga. What is next for digital manga?

Originally, this was supposed to be an article about self-awareness and how it could be the key to help saving the manga industry. And then out of the blue, the big digital manga initiative that was considered to be a “savior of manga”, JManga goes kaput. So what now and does Japan even care?

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22nd November 2012

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Manga Therapy’s “Manga I’m Thankful For” Notes

Cover to ZETMAN Volume 18, by Masakazu Katsura

Yes, this is the only title. Look how pretty Masakazu Katsura’s art is! 

On all seriousness, Matt Blind of Rocket Bomber recently asked manga bloggers to give thanks to the manga industry for all their hard work. He also asked folks to highlight what manga titles we’re thankful for on Thanksgiving 2012. I decided to join in on this feast since hey, creators and publishers really do look out for their fans. With a bit of Jimmy Fallon quirkiness, here are some notable manga series (both licensed and a few unlicensed titles) that make me go, "Arigato, Soushite, ARIGATO!"

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