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5th February 2013

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The Edge of Restraint - The Kenpachi/Unohana Relationship (BLEACH)

Kenpachi Zaraki getting stabbed through the throat by Yachiru Unohana. A victim of his own restraint.

We are usually told to give it our all in most aspects in life, yet what if fear takes over? What if you’re not able to move on? Those thoughts come to mind when it comes to BLEACH’s Kenpachi Zaraki and his recently-revealed history with fellow Soul Society Captain, Retsu Unohana. Their backstory takes a look at the power restraint places on individuals even if they’re not aware of it.

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27th April 2011

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The Eternal Rival, Ryoga Hibiki (Ranma 1/2)

Ryoga Hibiki and his pig form, P-Chan.

"I got here without getting lost. My directional sense has never led me right. But now I came straight where I want to be! It’s the power of love, Akane!"

Love really does wonders, doesn’t it? Though it didn’t work out in the end, now did it?

This week’s entry is focused on Ryoga Hibiki, one of the more interesting characters in Rumiko Takahashi’s hit martial arts/romantic comedy anime/manga series, Ranma 1/2. This entry was made in support of this month’s Manga Movable Feast and also suggested from a commenter on the blog (Thank you, Kelly!)

Ryoga is characterized as someone who seems to be always lost. His sense of direction is absolutely terrible, but he is a reflection of people in this world who are “lost” in many ways and are trying hard to fight for direction in life.

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Tagged: Akane TendoManga Movable FeastRanma 1/2Ranma SaotomeRumiko Takahashiautismpsychologyrival charactersmanga psychologypsychology of competitionpsychology of rivalries

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