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18th January 2013

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Having the Same Manga Tastes in the Future? Not Quite!

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), a series heavily focused on predicting the future.

Imagine this scenario. Someone comes up to you and asks about your manga tastes many years ago compared to today. How would you respond? You probably would tell them your history. Would you then tell them and yourself "Man, what the hell did I read back then?" Now let’s say they asked you what manga will you be reading in 10 years and you respond "I think I’ll still read the same type/genre of manga I’ll be reading."

What if I told you that this is terrible thinking for the most part?

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Tagged: mangamanga psychologyend of history illusionpsychologyMirai NikkiGreat Teacher Onizukapredicting the futurepsychology of changepsychology of future predictionSekaiichi HatsukoiFuture Diary

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