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21st March 2014

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Assassination Classroom - A Good Shot Fired at the West?

Koro-sensei, the hero of Assassination Classroom.

One of today’s hottest manga titles, Assassination Classroom, became an interesting topic of discussion as it was announced to be released in English. This was a title that could have never come out in North America because of its association with school students being trained killers. So what gives?

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Tagged: Assassination ClassroomShonen Jumppsychology of humorpsychology of mass shootingsmanga

10th July 2013

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50 Volumes of Delightful Crack - A Gintama Retrospect

Cover to Gintama Volume 50 by Hideaki Sorachi.

"Gintama is probably the hotpot of seriousness and comedy. I don’t really think about it. I’m just a punk who does anything he wants." - Hideaki Sorachi from an interview with Quick Japan in 2009.

It’s arguably the most unique hotpot in manga, right?

Although not as big as the holy trinity of Shonen Jump, Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama recently hit the 50th volume milestone. This is a big deal considering the fact that the series is generally very episodic and a gag manga at heart. Yet with the help of the anime adaptation, Gintama has spawned a wide variety of fans from all over the world to talk dirty, make fun of people’s glasses, pick noses and believe in the power of sugar. Sorachi once mentioned that he wanted to end the series at Volume 30, but has pressed on to create even more insane moments over the past 20 volumes. Yet you have to think about Gintama’s appeal and why some folks still find it hard to appreciate a series such as this one.

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Tagged: GintamaHideaki SorachiShonen JumpmangaanimepsychologyGintama crackpsychology of humorlife lessons

30th January 2013

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Believe It! x2 - A Renewed Interest in Naruto

Cover to volume 63 of Masashi Kishimoto's NARUTO.

Ever find it funny how a manga series that you’ve ignored for a while comes back to get your attention once again? This just happens to be the case with yours truly and NARUTO. Are ninjas really that exotic to a Westerner like myself?

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Tagged: NarutoMasashi KishimotoShonen JumpNaruto mangaRock Lee's Springtime of YouthNaruto SDmangapsychologypsychology of redemptionpsychology of humormanga charactercharacter psychology

21st September 2010

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Pedobear: A Psychological Analysis of a Classic Meme

The typical appearance of Pedobear.

If there’s one Internet meme that has stood the test of time, it’s none other than everyone’s favorite fictional child-chasing bear, Pedobear. A creation from the dark recesses of the Internet, his likeness has been Photoshopped onto many pictures of teens & children (both real & fictional) to signify pedophilia. His creation is technically a joke against pedophilia. One has to wonder why is he still so popular even to this day, why some people would even joke about pedophilia, and what does Pedobear truly represent in general society.

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Tagged: cognitive distortionmental disordersparaphiliapsychologyteddy bearspsychology of the Internetpsychology of humorparody of societyInternet memesPedobearInternet jokes

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