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3rd January 2014

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The Flowers of Evil and Growth

The Flowers of Evil, Volume 7 cover.

Perhaps one of the most awesome things you can appreciate as a manga collector/reader is the beauty of volume covers drawn in every series. Every volume cover represents a glimpse of what is to come in each volume. At times, certain series covers highlight a specific character that has a heavy presence or shining moment in the volume. One series whose volume covers stood out to me was Shuzo Oshimi’s "The Flowers of Evil." For those who collect the volumes, you will notice that every 3 volumes, there’s progression from light to darkness to possibly light again and the artwork is used to reflect change. “The Flowers of Evil” represents life itself.

If you’re curious about what I’m trying to say, here’s an analysis of the 3-volume arcs using the covers I mentioned.

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26th September 2013

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What Does Perversion Mean to You?

The troubled/perverted main characters of Shuzo Oshimi's 'The Flowers of Evil'.

"I’ll peel it all off. All the skin you’re hiding behind."

This world…is corrupted. It is filled with temptations that want to sway our hearts. Our hearts tend to harbor dark desires that we don’t want anyone to find out. If we get caught, we are labeled as perverts. But what is a pervert? Shuzo Oshimi tries to answer that question throughout his thoughful yet twisted ”The Flowers of Evil.” How much of that skin should we put on to live a life not affected by judgment?

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Tagged: Shuzo OshimiThe Flowers of EvilAku no Hanapsychology of perversionmangaBessatsu Shonen Magazine

15th January 2013

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Yay, Darkness! A Rise in ‘Dark’ Shonen Manga?

Sawa Nakamura, one of the main heroines in Shuzo Oshimi's dark shonen manga, "The Flowers of Evil".

Ever grow tired of the fact that a majority of shonen titles are always about friendship, hard work, and victory? What if the world of “dark” shonen titles takes over the spotlight? In a 2012 manga retrospect at Otaku Champloo, Khursten Santos wonders what direction shonen manga seems to be heading towards to when she talks about the amazingly-written, coming-of-age shonen title, “The Flowers of Evil”. Is it changing for the darker perhaps?

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