Welcome to the wonderful world of Manga Therapy, where manga & psychology team up to form the OTP that's both visual and mind-opening.

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About The Site

Manga Therapy is a blog/site that takes a look into the psychological aspects of Japanese manga (comics) characters, past and present. The site also takes a look at anime (cartoons), video game characters, & other unique aspects of Japanese pop culture as well. The blog was created by Tony Yao, who credits manga as one of his main inspirations in moving forward with life.

The overall mission of the blog is to:

To educate people about the psychological complexities of manga/anime/video game characters by drawing comparisons with said characters to real people & real-life situations and emphasizing that these forms of media can be used as ways to learn and motivate oneself & others.


Tony Yao has been an avid fan of Japanese pop culture since junior-high school. He has written for Japanese music blog/site, Samurai Beat Radio and anime social network site, GoBoiano.

In his spare time, he enjoys exercising, watching sports, hanging out with friends, eating, a lot of sleeping, and obsessing over his favorite anime/manga series, Gintama.

You can contact him at tonyyao82 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

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