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25th June 2012

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Who Said Education Isn’t Fun? Helen McCarthy’s “A History of Manga”

Some of today's manga presented in Helen McCarthy's "A History of Manga" presentation.

One of the world’s leading authors on anime and manga, Helen McCarthy, recently conducted a panel on the history of manga at the British Design and Art Direction’s Japan: PechaKucha event. This video has her going into about 150 years of manga in roughly 9 minutes.

For those who know about her, Helen has written a variety of books on anime and manga. Her most recent work, The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga, won a Harvey Award in 2010.

What’s interesting is how she compares the online manga problem to the Tohoku earthquake because of their significant impact on Japanese folks. Notable manga artists, like Yana Toboso, have voiced their displeasure on online piracy of their works. It makes you think about how can we psychologically affect the mindset of Internet users for the better and/or even the mindset of Japanese publishers. 

As Helen says in her presentation, you might think you know everything there is to manga, but you really may not. I learned a few new things from watching this presentation and I think you guys will too.

Enjoy the history lesson!


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