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26th October 2012

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The Vampires of GANTZ - A Possible Look at “Emotional Vampires”?

The Vampires of Hiroya Oku's GANTZ.

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be a vampire? What if I told you that there are people that there are vampires out there and you could be one too? No, I’m not talking about those crazy people that try to be real-life vampires by drinking blood, but those who put a mental strain on others relationship-wise. The crazy world of Hiroya Oku’s GANTZ has been known to freak readers out with its violence and monstrous aliens. Midway through the series, things took an interesting turn as Oku introduced the Vampires, a group of individuals whose existence is to make the Gantz players’ lives a living hell. While not true “vampires”, the Vampires in this series reflect the desires of those who want to drain your life emotionally. In essence, we can all be “vampires”. 

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16th June 2012

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Otaku Vampires? Vampire/Ghost Love? Here Comes BLOOD LAD!

An otaku vampire helping a ghost girl come back to life? Where do I sign up for Yuki Kodama’s BLOOD LAD?

I know Yen Press is hyping up their upcoming Twilight: The Graphic Novel releases, but we need more “realistic” vampires (i.e. don’t sparkle) and Statz (the otaku vampire) looks to be one of them. Blood Lad will hit stateside in the future courtesy of Yen Press.

Yuki Kodama's Blood Lad Volume 6 cover.

I don’t know about you guys, but I got a Durarara!!! meets Blue Exorcist feel just from looking at this cover. Though the series is a dark comedy for the most part.

This title also makes me think about Vampire Knight. Female human and male vampire relations are quite the evolution of the “good girl loves bad boy” trope. A worthy topic to explore for the blog, perhaps?


Tagged: Blood LadKadokawa ComicsKadokawa ShotenStatzYen PressYuki Kodamamangamanga PV trailerotaku culturevampirescomedy manga

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