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13th October 2012

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The Lovely Yu Asakawa at New York Comic-Con 2012

Yu Asakawa at New York Comic-Con 2012 (and me, too).

Hey, I snagged myself a famous bimajo. Bimajos are pretty hot these days, right?

It’s interesting to see Japan finally find older women attractive when the rest of the world saw the light a long while ago. Yu Asakawa looks AMAZING for her age.

Getting past the looks, I think we need more people like Yu Asakawa to help build strong anime/manga communities outside of Japan. She is very passionate about otaku culture. Her continued desire to speak English says a lot about her commitment to the fans.

You can follow Yu Asakawa on Twitter at @Julia320.


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29th December 2011

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Pinterest - The Next Great Social Network For Anime/Manga Fans?

Pinterest logo

Recently, I got an invite to join Pinterest, a new image-sharing social network that allows users to showcase pictures of what inspires or interests them. The neat feature about Pinterest is that you can create “Boards” of images. Boards are basically categories/folders that you can put images that you find in. You can create a “Board” for any topic you can think of from the top of your head. I created an “Anime/Manga Goodies” folder to showcase anime/manga pictures that I like from the site. 

This is what Pinterest looks like when I search “anime”.

Using Pinterest to search anime.

The images posted to Pinterest are known as “Pins”. There’s even a “Pin It” button you can drag to your browser toolbar, so you can share any image you find on the Web to Pinterest.

What makes Pinterest stand out is the organization factor. Having “Boards” of certain types of photos showcases one’s varied interests and users can separate images into whatever they like. Aspiring animators/artists can use the site to find worthy pictures and put them in a Board that can go by the name of “Inspirational Pictures” or something similar.

If you’re an anime/manga blogger, this is another source of promotion. You can promote images from your blog onto Pinterest to drive traffic and network with other users. Your profile can be customized to include a link to your blog. Pinterest is another way to get readers to know you better as well. If you want readers to know about your other passions (food, music, etc.) in vivid detail, this is a great site to showcase them.

As of right now, Pinterest is still in beta and it can only be accessed by invite-only. You can go to the website and click the “Request an Invite” button.

I think the site can really take off for fans of anime and manga to share a variety of images and what they love with other fans in a clean, user-friendly format. So, get out there and start pinning your love of moe, ecchi, or whatever floats your boat!

Though it seems like mostly women will enjoy Pinterest more given the dominant topics for the site, so shall we assume that Pinterest will be a site that fujoshi will go crazy over? Suggestive male coupling pictures, here we come!


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