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30th August 2013

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Magical Housekeeper Shonen-jou Levi

Advertisement on Kodansha's ARIA Magazine showing that Levi is about to make his shoujo manga debut in Attack on Titan: A Choice of No Regrets.

If we already have a Mr. Clean, does that mean we now have a Ms. Clean? :)

Everyone’s favorite Attack on Titan bad boy, Levi, is starring in his own shoujo manga series entitled, "Attack on Titan: A Choice of No Regrets." It’s a prequel about his past and how he met the Commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith. We all know tough guys are softies at heart.

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25th July 2013

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The Small, Double-Edged Blade of Loyalty - Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman fiercely displays her loyalty towards Eren Jaeger.

"Eren…as long as you’re around, I can do anything."

When Attack on Titan debuted in late 2009, it took the manga world by storm and debuted a female character whose behavior is different from many other heroines in shonen manga. Mikasa Ackerman blew many readers (and anime viewers in 2013) away with her strength, determination and intelligence. What’s interesting about Mikasa is that her positive attributes have been honed due to the main protagonist, Eren Jaeger. She is loyal to him to the point where it seems romantic. Is it cute or creepy? Let’s find out, shall we?

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30th January 2013

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Believe It! x2 - A Renewed Interest in Naruto

Cover to volume 63 of Masashi Kishimoto's NARUTO.

Ever find it funny how a manga series that you’ve ignored for a while comes back to get your attention once again? This just happens to be the case with yours truly and NARUTO. Are ninjas really that exotic to a Westerner like myself?

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Tagged: NarutoMasashi KishimotoShonen JumpNaruto mangaRock Lee's Springtime of YouthNaruto SDmangapsychologypsychology of redemptionpsychology of humormanga charactercharacter psychology

29th May 2012

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Happy Birthday To Our “Superman” Sociopath, Sosuke Aizen!

Sosuke Aizen when revealed as the main villain of BLEACH.

May 29 marks the birthday of one of the more notable sociopaths in anime and manga today, BLEACH’s Sosuke Aizen. The plot twist involving his true intentions during the Soul Society Rescue storyline remains one of the more epic plot twists in recent memory.

His character is a great reminder that even good people around you can be extremely deceiving and you might not even know it until it is too late. 

Who remembers the time when Aizen was first revealed as the central antagonist of BLEACH and what memories do you have of him?

Here’s probably the one thing I will always remember about him.

Aizen shows how fast he is by touching Ichigo Kurosaki.

Even though this scene still makes me laugh, who said Aizen lacked empathy? Everyone knew he was in love with Ichigo Kurosaki the moment he heard about him. I always thought that Aizen didn’t want Ichigo to go through the “dirty politics” of Soul Society, albeit that his methods were misguided. Did Aizen see himself in Ichigo to a certain degree? We probably won’t know until he appears once more in the series.

Though honestly, if he was a good guy, Aizen would make a great hypnotherapist with Kyoka Suigetsu. That voice of his in the anime is also calming. 

Let’s celebrate his wickedness (no matter how convoluted it gets) and let’s also forget the fact that he became a Pokemon in the end, ok?

Happy Birthday, Aizen fan-art featuring Sosuke Aizen and Gin Ichimaru.


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7th May 2012

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Giving Your Pets Life Through Anime/Manga Characters - Yorozuya Fish

Chinese goldfish trio and Yorozuya trio side-by-side.

As most people will tell you, pets are awesome to have. They teach you how to be responsible and also provide some great stress relief. This may sound funny to most of you, but have you ever named your pet or associated it with notable anime/manga characters?

Case in point: here’s an example involving pets that I own. I have three red/orange blood parrot cichlids of different sizes as pets. Normally, I did not care about them until earlier this year when I started to feed them. I’ve grown to like them over time. I actually thought of those three fish as the Yorozuya from Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama. Whenever I’m about to give them food, all three of them rush up in great speed to the top of the tank like poor, hungry folk fighting over a hotpot (which greatly reminds of Gin, Kagura, and Shinpachi).

The "Boss of the Kids", Gin-san. Very aggressive.

The Big Fish

I call this one Gin because he reminds me of his “Boss of the Kids” look in Volume 16/Episode 88 of Gintama. The big dude is always going around picking on the other two fish. He gobbles rocks and shoots them when he’s bored. The “leader” is also the one who takes up all the food. A funny thing is he actually will lightly jump out of the water if you try to stick anything near him. 

This fish also has great fighting spirit. My mother tried to move rocks in the fish tank around with a stick once and the big fish actually attacked the stick with determination. Gin-san also bit her hand in another incident. He’s an aquatic Shiroyasha. 

Kagura, the medium-sized fish who is a follower of Gin-san..

The Medium-Size Fish

Kagura-chan! While Kagura is a girl’s name, she acts pretty tomboyish to the point that you can consider her a guy at times. This one likes to follow Gin-san around just for the hell of it. He gobbles rocks and shoots them as well.  He picks on the smallest fish alongside Gin-san. Gin-san picks on Kagura-chan sometimes. 

Of course, this Kagura could be Kaguura Jusant, her Monkey Hunter avatar

Shinpachi, the smallest fish of the trio and the target of abuse from the other two fish.

The Semi-Medium Fish

Poor Shinpachi. All he does is go into a corner somewhere and stays there. The two other fish ALMOST ALWAYS pick on him. Shinpachi also struggles to get food from the other two sometimes. A funny note is that he seems to pay attention to food and nothing else. 

Sometimes, I wonder if Shinpachi is actually a healthy fish since he seems to be somewhat lackadaisical. Does he drift off by himself to listen to Otsu-chan in his head?

Anthropomorphism, with regards to naming pets, is pretty popular and I think more people seem to be experiencing this feeling. You have to wonder if there are certain anime/manga characters that have moved fans to the point that they want to bring them to life through animals and feed their inner desire to nurture. Though you can also say the same for other fictional characters. I would love to hear any stories you guys have about pets that own whose names reflect certain character personalities.

Finally, here’s a photo that reflects the nature of Shinpachi’s treatment throughout Gintama, which greatly describes how wacky my case of anthropomorphism is.

Gin-san picking on Shinpachi, just like it happens in Gintama..

Poor Shin-chan.


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