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25th July 2013

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The Small, Double-Edged Blade of Loyalty - Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman fiercely displays her loyalty towards Eren Jaeger.

"Eren…as long as you’re around, I can do anything."

When Attack on Titan debuted in late 2009, it took the manga world by storm and debuted a female character whose behavior is different from many other heroines in shonen manga. Mikasa Ackerman blew many readers (and anime viewers in 2013) away with her strength, determination and intelligence. What’s interesting about Mikasa is that her positive attributes have been honed due to the main protagonist, Eren Jaeger. She is loyal to him to the point where it seems romantic. Is it cute or creepy? Let’s find out, shall we?

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28th May 2013

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Counterattack! Announcing the “Attack on Titan” Infographic

Color page artwork for Hajime Isayama's 'Attack on Titan.'

During the biggest anime convention weekend of 2013 in North America, I received word from one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, “Ain’t It Cool News” and Crunchyroll News’ own Scott Green, about a certain tidbit during Kodansha Comics' panel at Anime Boston 2013 when they spoke about Hajime Isayama’s “Attack on Titan”

This is the 2nd time Kodansha has quoted me on their slides as they did the same back at New York Comic-Con 2011. I feel like it’s time I do something special not just for Kodansha, but for anime/manga fans everywhere in the form of an infographic on the popularity of “Attack on Titan”.

An infographic is basically a visual image of information (data, statistics, etc.) displayed with text and pictures. It is often used as a cool way to present information. Readers tend to love them because it’s easier to process data through infographics than just reading walls of text. Here’s an infographic about One Piece. (Full image can be viewed through the picture below.)

One Piece infographic found on Flutterscape.

Expect something like this, but with some ugly Titans and human soldiers in sexy uniforms. The series has become a nationwide phenomenon in Japan and all volumes have been selling out over there. Don’t forget about the crazy humor generated by fans!

I hope to have this done by Anime Expo in early July. If you want to provide any interesting pictures, quotes about the series, statistics, or even advice, I would gladly appreciate it!

I know this is a bit of a huge undertaking, but this is something I want to do for the community and show Japan how much overseas fans are inspired by their anime/manga series. Plus, it’s fun. Everyone needs fun and hard-work fun is amazingly rewarding.

With that said, time to get that computer Maneuver Gear ready. Graphic information warfare, GO!

(Also, please follow Scott Green. He posts A LOT of fun anime and manga pictures/information on his Twitter account, @AICNAnime!)


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21st May 2013

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Attack on Fans’ Hearts - MangaHelpers Manga Awards 2012 Winners!

Artwork from Volume 2 of Hajime Isayama's 'Attack on Titan' One of today's top series in anime and manga.

Yup. this is what’s connecting fans’ hearts all over anime and manga land. Move over, the Generation of Miracles! The Generation of Titans can make the girls sweat as much as you guys do!

MangaHelpers recently had another annual manga award competition to see which manga titles totally rocked 2012 in the minds of manga fans everywhere. As you will see, it was a big win of Titan-ic proportions for a series that has come a long way from its non-mainstream beginnings.

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8th May 2013

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Finding Humor in the Darkness (Attack on Titan)

A scary Titan in episode 5 of 'Attack on Titan' becomes super kawaii.

To quote a Tumblr user on the rise of Attack on Titan to the mainstream anime/manga community, how did something so horrifying end up being so hilarious?

As many of you may know, Attack on Titan has become a beloved juggernaut to fans all over the world and some creative folks have responded with great enthusiasm. Social networking feeds became bombarded with wacky pictures and funny video parodies featuring the Titans and the Scouting Legion. One has to wonder if humor truly comes from seeing misery.

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26th April 2013

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Attack on Stress - Overcoming Your Titans With Optimism

Eren Jaeger of 'Attack on Titan', a young man driven by his stress to fight against the Titans.

"I have a dream…it’s to exterminate the Titans and leave this cramped walled-up world. My dream is to explore…the outside world."

We got ourselves a little Martin Luther King, Jr., don’t we?

Stress - it happens to everyone. We all have our moments where things get rough and we groan, sigh, & possibly fall into despair. Stress is inevitable as long as you walk on the road that is life. Yet what if stress needs to be viewed more positively instead of the general consensus view? When you look at a character like Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan, you witness how a young man takes the stress of his past and channels it in a way to bring him strength to fight for the future.

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