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13th June 2014

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Grey Is…Messy, Lovable, and Cool

Black and White from 'Grey Is...'.

"When you start secretly preferring a depressed person over a happy one just so you can have a purpose to stay, you realize how wrong is the place you’re standing in."

In life, people want everything to be black and white. There should be a right and a wrong. A yes and a no. Nothing should be complicated. If only life were that simple. A OEL webcomic manga from an artist living in the Middle East touches on the ambiguity of life with "Grey is…" Using her fascination with psychology, dee Juusan shows that being complicated is something that makes us alive.

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Tagged: Grey Is...mangaOEL mangapsychologypsychology of colorpsychology of friendshipdee Juusan

15th January 2014

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Rukia Kuchiki - A Heroine of Change?

Rukia Kuchiki birthday celebration art.

Does anyone find it scary how much someone this awesome was forgotten and thrown to the side?

Thanks to the wacky site that is Crunchyroll News, I was reminded about the one and only Rukia Kuchiki of BLEACH as her birthday just passed. Before Mikasa Ackerman took away my heart, Rukia had a cold yet gentle grasp on it and many others.

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Tagged: Rukia KuchikiBLEACHpsychology of friendshipmangafemale character psychologyopposite-sex friendships

7th December 2012

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A Visual Lesson in Friendship by Dragon Ball Z

A powerful meme picture highlighting the relationship between Dragon Ball Z's Son Goku and Vegeta.

One of the best anime/manga memes that reminds you of how valuable friendship is and how it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Just seeing this gives me chills since I’m grateful for meeting those that I care about and want to protect. Imagine what life would be like if your best friends never existed.

Who said all memes have to be funny? 


Tagged: mangaanimeDragon Ball ZShonen JumpAkira ToriyamaSon GokuVegetamanga characterpsychologypsychology of friendshippsychology of rivalriesanime psychologyDragon Ballpsychology of Dragon Ball Zanime memes

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