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2nd November 2012

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An Interview with Yu Asakawa (New York Comic-Con 2012)

As you may know, I got a chance to talk to the lovely Yu Asakawa for Samurai Beat Radio at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Here’s the interview in full form and in HD too. Special thanks to my boss for subtitle help.

You can follow Yu-san at http://www.twitter.com/Julia320.

Also, here’s another pretty picture of her:

Yu Asakawa at New York Comic-Con 2012!

The rise of the bimajos continues…

(Note: Although I said no new entries this week, this is something that I wanted to put up after some delays and my relatives are safe.)


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6th August 2010

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Japanese Voice Actress Pisses Off Otaku →

Famous Japanese anime voice actress, Aya Hirano.

Are some otakus “teeny-boppers” or something? Just because Japanese idols show human traits doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You can argue the same for American female celebrities as well.

As an article on About.com indicates, certain otakus’ reactions to Ms. Hirano’s admittance to dating can be defined as borderline pathological behavior. Some otaku clearly lack real role models in today’s society.

Just because Aya Hirano is famous doesn’t mean that she’s great (though I did like her as Konata in Lucky Star).

Celebrities can be victims to obscurity and I believe that Hirano is doing a good thing to go beyond voice-acting. Time doesn’t stand still. Things happen. Though I do know that treatment of women in Japan can be just downright awful and something needs to be done about that.


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